Owner InSite, our owner-oriented, web-based project management information software system, has been an invaluable tool in managing our projects. The product has been used on projects managed by Broaddus & Associates to manage over $4 billion in completed projects over the last 8 years.

Owner InSite provides any and all project participants the ability to track and manage the entire project in one system. This software was developed to serve the day-to-day members of the project by providing them extensive detail and automated processes, as well as to provide an information source for all levels of project stakeholders. Some of the distinct features of the product include:

  • Owner InSite is easy to use. Instead of cramming complex features into the product, it makes the KEY features very simple and straightforward.
  • With the input of our owner representative Project Managers, Owner InSite was uniquely designed from the very beginning to be a tool for owners. Most other products on the market started as tools for contractors, and have been adapted over time to try to fit the needs of owners.
  • Realizing the software you select today might not be the software you use in 10 years, the software has a unique "Archiving" capability to assist during the Close Out process. At any time, you can click a button and download an archive of an entire project, including all data and file attachments. When burned to a CD or DVD, you can pull up your project in a read-only copy of the Owner InSite web-based application.
  • Owner InSite provides full accounting and audit tracking, but is designed with Project Managers in mind. That means it can provide all the detail auditors require, but not require your team to become accountants.
  • Owner InSite is available under a unique licensing model allowing owners to budget license fees directly to projects. That could mean that if you're not building, you're not paying for the software. Additionally, it is available with a fee structure that offers no "per seat" charges .

For more information visit www.owner-insite.com.


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