Broaddus Celebrates 15 Years of Business
Nov 13, 2015
This month marks the 15th anniversary of Broaddus & Associates.   As we reach this milestone, I'd like to thank our clients, employees and their families for trusting in our vision and being a part of this journey.   While remembering back to how far we've come, I'm proud that many of our core values and service principles are grounded in those early stages of our company where we began it all focusing on our owner-clients.  Since then, we've worked with many incredible people on challenging and outstanding projects.   We've begun new business lines and opened offices in new regions.  Our present and former employees have also grown with the company, both professionally and personally. 
Ramping up to our 15th year, we have engaged in a strategic planning initiative beginning with an introspective analysis of our successes and lessons of the past in order to define our purpose - the "why" that drives us.  That purpose as we have defined it is "to advocate for owners and dramatically improve the building process".  As a result, our mission, vision, values and behaviors now flow from this purpose so we are better focused than ever to deliver the best facilities solutions for our valued owner-clients.  These documented results will help us consistently convey both internally and externally the principles that have helped us achieve so much over the past 15 years. 
Again, to all of our employees, clients, families and colleagues: we will not forget that this anniversary is not possible without you, and we are deeply grateful for your support.
-Dr. James Broaddus